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New York Sees Highest Daily Death Toll, But Cuomo Insists ‘Social Distancing Is Working’

Topline: Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a press conference on Tuesday that despite coronavirus deaths in New York jumping over 700 overnight—the highest number recorded in a single day so far, social distancing measures are starting to pay off, with the number of hospitalizations decreasing and the total number of infections lower than what was originally projected.

  • The global epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, New York has a total of 138,836 confirmed cases. 
  • The state saw its single biggest daily increase in coronavirus deaths, with 731 reported on Monday, Cuomo said. Some 5,489 New Yorkers have died from the pandemic so far, amounting to nearly half of all deaths in the U.S.
  • Despite the rising death toll, New York’s governor also shared some good news: The number of new coronavirus cases in his state has started to plateau over the last few days.
  • New hospitalizations have declined significantly—with the last three days marking the lowest numbers in almost two weeks, and the number of daily patients admitted to intensive care is also way down, Cuomo said on Tuesday.
  • “Social distancing is working,” he reiterated. “That’s why you see those numbers coming down.”
  • He also pointed out that “the number of deaths is a lagging indicator to the number of hospitalizations,” which explains the discrepancy in the different data points.

Big number: 374,371. That’s how many confirmed cases of coronavirus are now in the U.S.. New York’s caseload amounts to 37% of that total. Other states that are most-impacted by the virus include New Jersey, with over 41,000 cases, Michigan, with over 17,000 cases, and California, with over 16,000.

Crucial quote: New York’s state budget has been “decimated” by the ongoing public health crisis, Cuomo said. To restart the economy, he urged the federal government to “remedy the previous inequities” of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill, which he says provided nowhere near enough aid to his state. Cuomo called it “woefully inadequate” from New York’s point of view; “It was not fair to New York and that has to be remedied in any legislation that goes forward,” he said.

Tangent: Cuomo also addressed New York’s situation with medical supplies. While he said that the state is now up to about 90,000 hospital beds, which is “more than enough available” for the current situation, staffing remains a problem, as more healthcare workers get sick. “Ventilators we are stretching and moving, but every hospital has what it needs to date,” Cuomo assured reporters on Tuesday.

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